Dr. Sarah Horlick

Dr. Sarah Horlick is a General Dentist at Centre dentaire Dr Martin Turcotte in Trois-Rivières

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Dr. Sarah Horlick, Trois-Rivières Dentist

Dr. Sarah Horlick, a general dentist, is a native of Quebec City and a graduate of the University of Montreal. She completed her doctorate in dentistry in 2014, then chose the beautiful Mauricie region in which to settle down and practice her passion. In 2020, she joined Dr. Martin Turcotte’s team.

Dr. Horlick fosters a gentle approach and listens to her clients' needs. She works patiently and meticulously to provide quality care. Her passion is to take care of your oral health and bring back your smile. She excels in treating children and nervous patients. She is dedicated, passionate, and committed to her profession. She regularly participates in continuing education training courses to keep abreast of innovations, advances, and new techniques. She is committed to expanding her knowledge in the many aspects of dentistry to provide the best possible care.

In addition to her professional activities, she enjoys the outdoors, cooking, and especially spending quality time with her family. Dr. Sarah Horlick is pleased to be part of the Centre Dentaire Dr. Martin Turcotte’s team to provide general dental care services to the entire family.

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