Dr. Martin Turcotte

Dr. Martin Turcotte is a General Dentist at Centre dentaire Dr Martin Turcotte in Trois-Rivières

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Dr. Martin Turcotte, Trois-Rivières Dentist

As a child, Dr. Turcotte had a dream... to become a dentist! "I still remember having pulled a fit after receiving a dentiform as a gift," he says today, laughingly. This dream, which he has nurtured since childhood, began to materialize when he was admitted to the Faculty of Dentistry at Laval University in 1998. In 2002, 4 years later, he graduated—the dream had become a reality! In 2003, he stepped up the pace with the acquisition of the Clinique Dentaire du Cap, which later became the Centre Dentaire, Dr. Turcotte.

Over the years, Dr. Turcotte has surrounded himself with the best talents in the dental field to propel his clinic to the highest levels. To nourish his passion and develop his expertise in this discipline, he has taken several training courses offered in the most distinguished international schools, notably: the International Dental Institute (IDI), the Canadian Implant Institute (CII), and the Canadian Occlusion Institute (COI). Concerned about the care he provides, Dr. Martin Turcotte regularly participates in new dental training courses on the latest advances and innovations. This allows him to provide superior care while expanding the services he offers to his clients. He can also help you make informed decisions to improve your oral health and healthy lifestyle habits.

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